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AFL Introduces Joel Estevez as New Matchmaker

New York, NY — AFL, New York's premier Pre Professional Muay Thai promotion, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Joel Estevez as its new Matchmaker. Estevez's extensive experience and expertise in combat sports will play a pivotal role in elevating the league's fight cards and delivering unparalleled excitement to fight fans.

Estevez's background in combat sports and event coordination makes him a natural fit for the role of Matchmaker at AFL. With a keen eye for talent, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of fight dynamics, he is poised to curate

matchups that not only showcase the local athletes but also ignite the growing Muaythai scene on the East Coast.

"We are excited to welcome Joel Estevez to the AFL team," said Kit Leung, CEO of AFL. "His dedication to the sport and align perfectly with our vision for delivering unforgettable fight nights,

“With Joel on board, we anticipate efficiency with what happens behind the scenes”

We hold a high standard at AFL, and Joel represents that. Everything he does, he is always looking to improve, the better the promotion and its team are organized, the less the fighters and coaching teams have to worry and just focus on fighting”

In his role as Matchmaker, Estevez will be responsible for evaluating fighters, creating fight cards, and coordinating between sanctioning staff, and medical procedures.

When asked about his new role Estevez had this to say

“I am excited for it, the opportunity”, “I care most about the camaraderie in the community, this is how I play my part, to give back and provide the support I didn't have while competing”

The AFL is dedicated to nurturing local talent and promoting the sport of Muay Thai within the East Coast. With Joel Estevez at the helm of matchmaking, fight fans can anticipate a new level of excellence and anticipation in every AFL event.

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About AFL

AFL is a New York-based Muay Thai promotion committed to showcasing the talents of local fighters and providing an unforgettable experience for fight fans. With a focus on exceptional matchups and memorable events, AFL is at the forefront of promoting combat sports in the New York region

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