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AFL is an Amateur only promotion for Muay Thai. AFL's vision is to grow the sport of Muay Thai by providing a transitional layer for pre-professionals in the sport. Serving first timers to advancing athletes along their path to begin professional careers, AFL will inspire, empower and connect all facets of the Muay Thai community starting with the individual. 

Kit Yeung

Chief Executive Officer

Kit has been practicing martial arts since 2008. He has a background in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has competed in amateur Muay Thai and MMA competitions. Kit owns and operates three Muay Thai Gyms in NYC. 


Sean Hinds

Director of Fighter Management

Sean’s Muay Thai career spans over 20 years. He is a three-time WBL Super Middleweight WorldChampion and FNF Middleweight Champion. Sean founded Hinds Combat Sports with co-founders Kit, David, and Moy. 


Justin Kwan

Chief Business Officer

Justin has consulted for Professional Muay Thai and Sanshou promotions. Prior to AFL, Justin spent a decade in client operations and commercial functions in Fashion and Technology. He holds various Strategic Growth roles and on the Advisory Board of the Lubin School of Business, Jubilee, Fashion Snoops, SJ Group, and LunaBound, a publishing company.



Nida Taylor

President - Global Operations

Nida Taylor is an Asian American businesswoman based in Southeast Asia who has a strong passion for growing the sport of Muay Thai.  She is currently an Advisor and Executive Director for Ichor Global Myanmar, a private investment holding company based in Singapore with investments in a diverse portfolio of aviation, spirits, trade, agriculture, fashion, media and entertainment.


David Chan

Chief Finance Officer 

David worked 11 years in Cash Management for Toyota and Rakuten Inc. and served in the United States Marines. He started Muay Thai training in 2009, and opened up his first Muay Thai gym in 2013. He currently owns and operates 4 Muay Thai gyms in NYC.