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AFL Muay Thai December 9th, 2022

Main Event

115.6lbs Phoebe Liang, Hinds Combat Sports VS 115.6lbs Katie Bergin, Lil Bomb Academy


126.4lbs Jonathan Ruiz, 5-Points VS 125.8lbs Oliver Genao, Church Street Boxing

Full weigh in results below. All athletes made weight and the scale will not hold these fighters back from stepping into the ring Friday Night.

Conducting the weigh-ins alongside GAMMA Northeast Director Tom Killkenny were AFL Executive Directors David Chan and Justin Kwan. “Everyone made weight. It's a real reflection on their commitment to the sport, their opponents and their professionalism, we can’t say that enough”.

Under AFL fighter contracts a 1 pound weight allowance is given to the athletes. It is up to the coach’s and team’s discretion to allow a match to take place between 1-2 lbs. Above 2lbs will involve the sanctioning body decision.

5 Points Academy, and Church Street boxing gave the green light and grace to their opponents respectfully. MK Academy’s Alvin Galvez showed diligence with an extra jog around the building to make weight at 142 lbs.

All athletes are provided new AFL gear, shorts, fighter apparel sponsored by Southpaw Stitches, and RSNLT Fight Wear , a personal poster, and professional photography. “Whether it’s their debut or the next step to a professional career, we want them to take what they’ve gained here, and use it to continue on their path'' Nida Taylor, Executive Director and President of AFL’s Asia office. “Photo headshots for future promos and who doesn’t want new gear?”

Despite what could have been hard weight-cuts for many, the venue was filled with friendly vibes customary of East Coast Muay Thai. Final words expressed by Chrissy Albanese of Kings Combat WillyB best summarizes the atmosphere:

“I think it's incredible how big the community is. I am enjoying getting to know more people from other gyms! I feel like we should all support each other even as we go up against one another, because we all love the same sport and hopefully come at it from a deep mutual respect for those who practice and for those who decide to step in the ring".

AFL is a pre professional sports league for Combat Athletes. It hosts community based events highlighting local upcoming talent and provides a staging ground for a professional transition. All are welcomed. For press or sponsorship inquiries contact

170.4lbs Daniel Beer, 5-Points VS 167.4lb Christopher Bueno, MK Muay Thai

147lbs Christian Oliva, Hinds Combat VS 147lb Devin Moore, Church Street Boxing

125.4lbs Lady Velez, Two Bridges VS 124.6 Joanne Villavieja Lil Bomb Academy

145lbs Megan Smith, Rose Muay Thai VS 143.8 Isabella Garcia , MK Muay Thai

167lbs Isaac Constantine, 5-Points VS 167lbs Brian Faulk, Nasty Nate MT

135.8lbs Vernon Huang, Sitan Gym VS 133.4lbs Marco Miranda, Legion

111.2lbs Chrissy Albanese, Kings WillyB VS 111.2 lbs Lani Lim , MK Muay Thai

154.4lbs Ricardo Rosado,Renzo Gracie VS 155.2 lbs Juan Galindo, Kaensak

142.2lbs Anthony Lebron, 5-Points VS 145.6lbs Gabriel Ceballo, Lil Bomb Academy

140.8lbs Isak Buan, Diamond Heart VS 142lbs Alvin Galvez, MK Academy

142.2lbs Andy Kung, 5-Points VS 143.8lbs Elmer Recinos, Lil Bomb Academy

166.4lbs Jhon Robinson, Evolution VS 165lbs Issac Kim, MK Muay Thai

130.4lbs Fiona Ho, Kings WillyB VS 130.4lbs Fatima Hanne, Workshop

Sanctioned by: NYSAC and GAMMA USA

Announcer and Host: Justin Manning, DJ Joey

Sponsors: Southpaw Stitches, AKI, Pharm.NYC , RSNLT Fight Wear , Eye D Vision, AKI

Cameras: Jeff Chu (1st) Evan Gurman (2nd)

New York, New York: Pre-professional Muay Thai League AFL will host its ‘Game Changers’’ event December 9th, 2022

Tickets on sales now

Main Event

Phoebe Liang, Hinds Combat vs Katie Bergin, Lil Bomb Academy


Co Main Event

Jonathan Ruiz, 5-Points vs Oliver Genao, Church Street Boxing


After three recent sold out events in Queens, AFL makes its way to Brooklyn. The December 9th show, Game Changers will take place at the Post BK, 100 Dobbin Street in the Greenpoint neighborhood

The co-main event features promotional debuts from New York Stable academy Jonathan Ruiz, 5-Points vs Oliver Genao, Church Street Boxing. The Main event brings familiar faces from Hinds Combat Phoebe Liang vs Katie Bergin of Lil Bomb Academy.

The venue, serves as a basketball court during the day, and will host the Friday’s Fight Night

“It was all about leveling up, venue, of course the fan and our athlete experience” says Kit Yeung COO and Co-Matchmaker. “We're bringing you a huge venue with over 10,000 sq feet of space, The Post BK will truly be a game changer for Muay Thai on the East Coast”

While still a rising talent with motivations to simply challenge herself, Phoebe Liang comments on the opportunity to headline the card and the broader Muay Thai community.

“I’m pretty new to the NY fight scene, but there are so many great gyms and coaches in NY and the surrounding areas … opportunities to fight have definitely increased over the years, especially for female fighters. There are more professionally-run promotions, like AFL, giving amateur fighters the chance to fight and grow, and I believe things will only continue to get better”

Full card is below

Tickets on sales now

AFL is a pre professional sports league for Muay Thai Athletes. It hosts community based events highlighting local upcoming talent and provides a staging ground for a professional transition. All are welcomed. For press or sponsorship inquiries contact

Daniel Beer, 5-Points vs Christopher Bueno, MK Muay Thai: 170lbs

Christian Oliva, Hinds Combat vs Devin Moore, Church Street Boxing: 147lbs

Lady Velez, Two Bridges vs Joanne Villavieja Lil Bomb Academy: 125lbs

Megan Smith Rose vs Isabella Garcia , MK Muay Thai : 145lbs

Isaac Constantine, 5-Points vs Brian Faulk, Nasty Nate MT: 168lbs

Vernon Huang, Sitan Gym vs Marco Miranda, Legion : 135lbs

Chrissy Albanese, Kings WillyB vs Lani Lim, MK Muaythai : 112lbs

Ricardo Rosado,Renzo Gracie vs Juan Galindo, Kaensak: 155lbs

Anthony Lebron, 5-Points vs Gabriel Ceballo, Lil Bomb Academy: 145lbs

Isak Buan, Diamond Heart vs Alvin Galvez, MK Academy: 140lbs

Andy Kung, 5-Points vs Elmer Recinos, Lil Bomb: 142lbs

Jhon Robinson, Evolution vs Issac Kim, MK: 165lbs

Fiona Ho, Kings WillyB vs Fatima Hanne, Workshop: 130lbs

Jonathan Ruiz, 5-Points vs Oliver Genao, Church Street Boxing: 125lbs

Phoebe Liang Hinds Combat vs Katie BerginLil Bomb Academy: 115lbs

Sanctioned by: NYSAC and GAMMA USA

Announcer and Host: Justin Manning, DJ Joey

Sponsors: Southpaw Stitches, AKI, Pharm.NYC , RSNLT Fight Wear

Photographer: Jeff Chu (1st) Evan Gurman (2nd)

AFL Muay Thai concludes its ACT 3 event September, 30th 2022

The event was honored with 14 gyms from the Tri-State area. Promotional debuts include the likes of Rose Muay Thai, Evolution Muay Thai, and 5 Points Academy. For fans new to the Muay Thai community wanting to train, names of participating gyms are with the full results below. Reach out and see you at the next show.

Featuring AFL’s Co-main event. Elmer Recinos wins via unanimous decision vs Jesse Boragad. Speaking to announcer Adam Crist, Recinos in full respect for his opponent, noted on Jesse’s grit to step up for the rematch. “He didn’t have to take this fight, he already beat me last time”. With this win Elmer moves to 1-1 against Jesse Boragad

As for the main event of the evening, with precision and style Jason Melendez wins his 3rd straight under the AFL banner.

Post fight Jason announced to the crowd know his aspirations of becoming a professional fighter. “He really wants to become pro” that already shows with everything he does. Say Nida Taylor President of Global Operations

“He works hard and it shows. It’s not even about the win streak, it’s the little things in between. He’s respectful, he promotes himself well, he trains with multiple gyms, he comes to the show in a suit and he walks out like he’s already been doing this for years”.

Additional highlights of the night included an opening act between two 11 year olds that left the crowd high spirits. Preacher Lawson graced the crowd with our TKO of the night. Corner stoppage. Closing the night, Sean Hinds Head Matchmaker had this to say

“A fun night, we saw families, new faces, and other fighters in the crowd. We had stand outs Makim of Lil Bomb. Taylor Bell from Chops and Chops and Julia Howe. The list goes on with who we’d like to see back in the ring under AFL banner, even in defeat we were impressed with everyone performance” Sean Hinds Head Matchmaker

Aaron Mendoza Hinds Combat defeats Ricardo Cesar Gutierrez Sitan Gym

Ahmed Abdo Sitan defeats Daniel Roque 140lbs Pharaoh’s

Anthony Lebron 5-Points Jerry Dragon Kings WillyB

Francis Basilio Hinds Combat defeats Erik Cordova Rose MT at 135lbs

Maksim Tsybulka Lil Bomb defeats Edward Emile Eustace, Evolution MT

Taylor Bell at 110lbs defeats Julia Howe 5-Points Academy

Eric Gaspar Rose MT defeats Gregory Yang Hinds Combat at 135lbs

Brandon Phan at 125lbs Church Street defeats James Villa Two Bridges Muay Thai

Preacher Lawson at 175lbs Camilo Hernandez RGA Bayside via TKO

Richard Vasquez Church Street at 135lbs defeats Pawel Filipkowski Rose MT

Elmer Recinos Lil Bomb Academy defeats Jesse Bogorad Diamondheart at 145lbs

Jason Melendez, Bucctown defeats Willard Klein Two Bridges Muay Thai

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