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AFL Season 2 Results City Point Brooklyn

AFL Muay Thai March 17th, 2023

Brooklyn, NY - AFL Muay Thai concluded its opening year event “Season 2” on March 17th with a thrilling series of matches at City Point, Dekalb Market Hall. The event breakdown included 7 Novice, 5 Modified and 1 Full rules bout. Next event Saturday: May 6th, 2023. Reach out to apply to fight on the card

The main event of this past weekend saw Terry Cho of Kings Williamsburg face off against Romani Alicea of Hard Knocks, Boston. Cho fought hard against Alicea mirroring the younger athlete in pace and grit. Fighters each landed consecutive techniques on various occasions, going “tit for tat”. In step with the veterans at the Boston gym that train at Hard Knocks, Alicea impressed the New York crowd with dynamic striking including a few spinning kicks. In the end, Alicea won by split decision. GAMMA Official Carl Moreno stated “ the fight could have gone either way”.

“He was a very game opponent, such a fun fight, even better experience” Cho reflects post fight

Alicea also took to instagram to express his gratitude to both the organization and his opponent.

“We are glad to have talent come out of state and show style and class” says AFL Executive, David Chan

The night also saw Amber Pak of Hinds Combat Sports, Theresa O'Reily of Church Street Boxing, Niteka Raina from Cornerstone make their competitive debuts delivering unanimous decision wins. Other matches of note included Jhon Correa of Kings WillyB's win against Ryan McDonald of Mauceri Muay Thai by split decision, Ismael Guerrero of Weapons 9's victory over Yousef Othman of Glory by unanimous decision

AFL provides a platform for fighters to showcase their skills and for rising talent to make their mark in the world of Muay Thai. The AFL is excited about the future of the sport and welcomes anyone interested in getting involved to come train at the gyms involved.

Next event is slated for May 6th, 2023. Reach out to apply to fight on the card

To learn more about AFL Muay Thai, see our sponsors and explore future events inquire below

Full Event Results

145.6lbs Frankie Paratore, MK Muay thai vs 145.0 Scott Rousseau, 5-Points

by Split Decision

113.8 Niteka Raina, Cornerstone Wins vs 115.8lb Nhi Nguyen, Diamondheart

by Unanimous Decision

129.6 Jhon Correa, Kings WillyB Wins vs 130.2 Ryan McDonald, Mauceri Muaythai

by Split Decision

134.6 Christian Dexter, Chop vs 133.6 Joe Busa, MK Muaythai

by Unanimous Decision. Busa will be on medical suspension pending rest and recovery from rib injury

116.6lb Amber Pak, Hinds vs 115.8 Jerrra Blues, 5 Points

by Unanimous Decision

153.8 Ismael Guerrero, Weapons 9 vs 155.4 Yousef Othman, Glory

by Unanimous Decision

115.4 Lani Lim MK Muay Thai vs 115.4 Hannah Scott, UMA

by Split Decision

108.0 Theresa O'Reilly, Church Street vs 108.0 Julia Howe, 5-Points

by Split Decision

Rob Padilla, OmniStrike 150lb vs Jerry Zhang, Hinds

by Unanimous Decision

145.6 Steven Carson, Two Bridges vs 146.2 Ayruz Zohidov, Kings Rego

By Split Decision

110.4 Taylor Bell Chop and Chops vs 110.4 Sherneca Clark. 5-Points

by Unanimous Decision

172.0 Romani Alicea, Hard Knocks vs Terry Cho, Kings WillyB 170.4

by Split Decision

Sanctioned by: NYSAC and GAMMA USA

Announcer and Host: Justin Manning, DJ Joey

Cameras: Jeff Chu (1st) Evan Gurman (2nd)

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