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Boston’s Romani Alicea Steps In For Main Event Full Weigh In Results - Season 2 is underway City

AFL Muay Thai

March 17th, 2023 - Tickets on sale now

AFL is back in Brooklyn, New York but this time taking the fight to City Point, Dekalb Market Hall.

The downtown mix-used commercial space known for food, shopping and entertainment will the Muay Thai destination for Friday fights

All athletes have weighed in. See full results below.

As always the card hosts notable rising talent fighters, debut competitors, and returning faces.

Starting with the main event, Terry Cho of Kings Williamsburg vs Romani Alicea of Hard Knocks Boston

Cho was unable to fight his last scheduled AFL match in 2022 due to his opponent pulling out from medical reasons moments before the match. He found himself in 2023 in a similar circumstance as his original contracted opponent, Ameer Khtattab reported an hand injury and disqualified himself for the event. Romani makes his way from Boston, Massachusetts, as Philadelphia’s Khattab pulls out

Hailing from Hard Knocks Gym, under Kru Bill Newcomb and Coach Jake Manini. Alicea trains in the stable of New England’s elite. Athletes include Stephen Walker, the undefeated Lion Fight Champion, and many others.

Unphased from the fighting pedigree, Cho and the coaching staff at Kings Williamsburg accepted the change of opponent in minutes. “He doesn’t care, he will fight anyone” an affiliate of the Brooklyn gym reflected on Cho.

Moving to the rest of the card, the pre-professional Muay Thai league invited the area’s rising talent to also honor the ring on Friday. A collection of debut performances and previous AFL participants from new gyms and veterans alike.

Former cornerman of 2 past AFL events and a member from Hinds Combat Sports, Amber Pak, will have her first ever Muay Thai fight tomorrow night. When asked what made Pak apply to partake in the show. She had this to say

“I truly never thought I would fight! (but) after seeing my friends go through it… it made me realize that I could do it too”.

Having corner AFL athletes like Frankie Basilio and Phoebe Liang, Pak, is as she says, “excited to be on the other side of the ropes”

“I say this every time but this is exactly how we grow the sport,” Managing Director, Justin Kwan responds. “Let’s also not forget Theresa O’Reily, also making her debut, training out of Church Street Boxing, she was in our audience, worked with GAMMA commission to help officiate and sanctioned events, she now steps into the ring for her first ever fight, it's fantastic! I welcome anyone interested in this sport, to simply start, come train at the gyms you see here, introduce yourself, bring a friend, this is Muaythai”

AFL welcomes new gyms, names include Yousef Othman, from Glory MMA, coached by ONE Championship fighter and Youtuber Jeff Chan of MMA Shredded, Ryan McDonald coming out of upstate New York’s Mauceri Muay Thai and the first fighter from Unlimited Martial Arts NYC under Sifus Anthony Fontana and Phil Cruz, Hannah Scott.

Full Weigh-In Results

145.6 Frankie Paratore, MK vs 145.0 Scott Rousseau, 5-Points

113.8 Niteka Raina, Cornerstone vs 115.8lb Nhi Nguyen, Diamondheart

129.6 Jhon Correa, Kings WillyB vs 130.2 Ryan McDonald, Mauceri Muaythai

133.6 Joe Busa, MK vs 134.6 Christian Dexter, Chop

116.6lb Amber Pak, Hinds vs 115.8 Jerrra Blues, 5 Points

155.4 Yousef Othman, Glory vs 153.8 Ismael Guerrero, Weapons 9

115.4 Lani Lim MK Muay Thai vs 115.4 Hannah Scott, UMA

108.0 Theresa O'Reilly, Church Street vs 108.0 Julia Howe, 5-Points

150lb Jerry Zhang, Hinds vs 154lb Rob Padilla, OmniStrike (Rob failed to make weight, coaches agree to proceed)

145.6 Steven Carson, Two Bridges vs 146.2 Ayruz Zohidov, Kings Rego

110.4 Taylor Bell Chop and Chops vs 110.4 Sherneca Clark. 5-Points

172.0 Terry Cho, Kings WillyB vs170.4 Romani Alicea, Hard Knocks

Sanctioned by: NYSAC and GAMMA USA

Announcer and Host: Justin Manning, DJ Joey

Cameras: Jeff Chu (1st) Evan Gurman (2nd)


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