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AFL Partners with GAMMA USA

April 22nd, 2022 Fight Card

Jayh Rodriguez vs Ameer Khatab - 175 lbs

Terry Cho vs Daniel Ferrer - 170 lbs

Friday, April 22 at 6:00 p.m. ET

New York, New York: Pre-professional Muay Thai League AFL will make its mark in New York, NY with the event “PROVING GROUNDS”. April 22nd, 2022 .

In anticipation of the event, AFL has partnered with GAMMA USA as the sanctioning body.

The partnership means working with GAMMA leadership, Tom Kilkenny, who represents the GAMMA network as its Northeast Regional Director.

“As a NY based organization, it’s important to have good people and good company.

No doubt with Tom Kilkenny, alongside us, we have that” says Justin Kwan, AFL Managing Director. “Above all else we guarantee that it’s safety first and in turn, AFL’s competitive integrity, with GAMMA overseeing our operations”.

Both organizations are aligned on their vision and place in the sport

GAMMA and AFLs core values work hand in hand.

Citing GAMMA’s mission statement. Both will empower athletes to reach sustained competitive excellence, cultivate sportsmanship, and create a fair playing field for all

“For Muay Thai, it’s exactly what we need, we can’t expect these fighters to move up and ever pursue professional careers if all they do are gym smokers". AFL Matchmaker and 3x WBL, FNF, and Former WKA Champion, Sean Hinds states

Of the various fighters on the April 22nd card, despite years of training experience, discounting the gym “Smokers', many will make their debut in the ring including Kings WillyB’s Franky Basilio, Fiona Ho.

AFL Financial Officer, David Chan comments on opportunity limitations and transitional period fighters face.

“Let’s be honest, I am inspired by the grit we see from these guys at the gym smoker matchups, it’s a shame, the experience is unsanctioned. We believe in them, and we want to provide them the chance to prove it”

Proving Grounds, takes place April 22nd 2022


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